Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Alphabetical Nonsense!

Algebra. Brahminism. Chips. Destiny. Energy. Focus. God. Hunger. India. Job. Kinematics. Love. Money. Nostalgia. One-liners. Pain. Questions. Rahman. Success. Tendulkar. Unstable. Vartak. Waist. XXX. Yearning. Zero.

What does ‘I love you’ got to do with alphabets, you might ask. Well, these are the lyrics of a not so recent Hindi song. Nice way to remember alphabets for kids I guess, just remember the song. As a kid, I was taught alphabets differently by different people. My mom taught me the typical A for apple, B for ball stuff, which was slisha boring. My uncle, who was in his early twenties then, had an interesting way of teaching alphabets. It went like this,

‘A for Anjali, B for Bharati,, C for Chitra, D for Darshini, E for Elizabeth, F for Freeda, G for Geeta, H for Hema, I for Indra, J for Jamuna, K for Kalyani, L for Lalitha, M for Madhumita, N for Nitya, O for Omana, P for Priya, Q for Quasar, R for Roja, S for Seetha, T for Tharangini, U for Usha, V for Vimala, W for Wahida, X for Xena, Y for Yamini,and Z for Zeenat’

It took me exactly one day to memorise this. Haven’t forgotten it still. Such is it’s power you see.

Questions! Questions!

“Why should I blog? Why do I need to write and post it in public view? Should I keep myself anonymous? Or make my identity public? If I decide to write, what should I write about? About my experiences or about my opinions about anything and everything in this world? Or should I start a photo blog? Will I get time to write whatever I want to write? What will people think of me if I say something controversial in my blog? Is it important to be regular or should it have sporadic posts? Should I enable or disable comments?"

Well, these are just some of the questions that I went through before finally deciding to open an account. This, asking a lot of questions, is a typical strategy of two kinds of people, lazybones and armchair critics. Lazy people ask questions to avoid work, armchair critics ask questions to avoid questions about their inaction. And I am both. So, I guess you can understand this turmoil in my mind about blogging.