Friday, 25 September 2009

Change is constant


Time: 12:30 pm
Venue: Classroom

Hey, 1:30 ka show hai. Yeh lecture ke baad nikalte hain. Aa raha hai kya?
Devde ko bhi poochte hain.
Usko poocha, woh bhi aa raha hai. Apan paanch log jaa rahe hain.
Theek hai. Lekin main 50 rupya hi kharch kar paaoonga. Stall mein dekhte hain.


Guys, let's meet next weekend.
Yeah, let's go to XYZ place.
Nahin yaar, last time gaya tha achcha nahi tha.
I am doubtful.
Mera working Saturday hai.
Mujhe 5 baje tak ghar pahunchna hoga.

Then, we had nothing else to worry about. Except money.
Now, we need to worry about our bosses, families, jobs, travel, siblings, girlfriends. Except money.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Paintings at night

Somehow, the memories rekindled in your mind, when you stare at the blank white canvas of your ceiling, as you try to fight to put yourself to sleep, always turn out to be bad.



"I was batting on 291 at Chepauk, against South Africa. I told Paul Harris, "Come round the wicket and first ball I'll hit you for a six." He accepted my challenge and the very first ball I hit him for a straight six, and there was a long-off, long-on, deep midwicket and a deep point. I was so tired and he was bowling on the pads and I was getting bored. So rather than spending 10-15 minutes to get to the triple-century I gave him good advice."

- Virendra 'Uncluttered' Sehwag