Sunday, 17 May 2009


Dear A,

Come tomorrow, it will be a year since I got booted out. So, I thought I should thank someone who has played a big part in my ressurection in this period. I know you would say that you did nothing.

But, let me just tell you, though it might not be such a big deal for you, it meant a lot to me. A hell lot more than you can ever imagine!

A drowning man will clutch on to whatever little twig that can possibly keep him alive. I was almost sucked into the cesspool of desperation, and I would like to thank the rope which helped me climb out of the quicksand, even though the rope itself thinks that it is a small twig.

I have heard that greatness is in not making a big deal of one's positive contribution to other's lives.

And you are great!


Friday, 1 May 2009

Just another rant

All it took us to forget this was a four day weekend. We got out of our homes, and shouted slogans against the ineptness of the leaders in handling our security. Everyone from Barkha 'senti' Dutt to Rajdeep 'hyper' Sardesai claimed this as the emergence of the youth power. People like me, who were doing their work in office without indulging in the brouhaha, were jibed at for being insensitive! Come elections, we have now seen how 'youngsters' are active in participation. No amount of Tata tea will keep us awake, hum kabhi nahi jaagenge!

'We have lost faith in the system' is the common refrain. If you have lost faith in the system and don't want to get your fucking ass to the polling booth, then its your job to change the system for the better! Stop rocking in that armchair, wearing those Che Guevara t-shirts and get the hell out of your houses and vote, else just shut up and drink Tata tea! :P

I know this post is not very coherent and structured and all, but I don't give a damn. I am just bloody pissed off with a turnout of less than 40% in my city.

Jai ho!