Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Day: Friday
Time: 11:00pm

‘Amma, what are your plans for tomorrow?’
‘We are going for a function in the afternoon’
‘Can you please be at home at around 2pm tomorrow? I would be online. We can do video chat through skype.’
‘OK da. We would try to be at home by that time. Tomorrow is Saturday. So, there would be electricity in the afternoon’

Day: Saturday
Time: 2:05pm

‘Amma, are you and appa at home?’
‘Yes da. Are you going to come online? We will turn the computer on.’
‘yeah, in five minutes’

Time : 2:10pm

‘Amma, are you guys online?’
‘Yes da. Webcamera is also working well. Why are you not online?’
‘Ummm…actually, there is a problem with my net connection. I don’t think I can come online today. We can talk over phone’
‘Po da..We wanted to see your face. Haven’t seen you in a while. Today even our webcam is working. So we were looking forward to a video chat with you. Cha, you disappointed us!’
‘Are you really looking forward to seeing my face?’
‘Yes. Please fix your net connection somehow. Else, send some MMS to Arjun. Please!’
‘Awww..OK, if you really want to see me, just open the door’
‘Yeah, open the door’

Tickets from London to Mumbai: INR* 40,000
Rickshaw from airport to station: INR 200
Fine to TTE for not buying ticket and sitting in first class compartment: INR 500
Rickshaw to home: INR 50
Reaction on a mother’s face on seeing her son who turns up out of the blue on a Saturday morning from 5000 miles away: Priceless!

Note: * I am a Forex Structurer.


FirAbhi said...

There are things that money can't buy...So true :)

Prabha said...

:D Awesome!