Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The call

Job hunting is tough. Especially in these times when people are struggling to hold on to their own asses. So, when I got shortlisted for an interview at a top notch company, to say that I was thrilled is a lie.
I was nervous. Finger biting nervous. Hand shivering nervous. This was my chance after a long time. Light at the end of a long tunnel.

So, I started preparing. Prepared like there was no tomorrow.

It was going to be a telephonic interview at 6 pm in the evening. So, I was all geared up at 5:45.
Mobile phone charged. Check.
Sheets of plain paper. Check.
Pencil sharpened. Check.
Spare pencil sharpened. Check.
Earphones of my mobile phone. Check.
Settle down calmly in my bedroom with doors locked. Check.
Pray. Check.

It was 5:59. I started staring at my clock. Every second seemed like a year. I was like a guy who had just proposed and was waiting near the phone for her to call.
Seconds, minutes crawled by.
Still no sound other than the raindrops in the balcony.
I could hear my heart beats. It was driving me insane.

This continued till 6:20. Nothing happened.
I did not get the call. I tried calling my friend who works there.

Then gave up. Felt like throwing my mobile phone on the wall. It had no network. It was on emergency mode. How on earth would I have got a call on that fucking phone?

Why me? The worst thing is I couldn't even yell out my frustration. I didn't want to affect my family.
So I called and cried. Now the son-of-a-bitch network was working fine!

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Arun PK said...

Ever heard of Murphy's Law? "What can go worng WILL go wrong".. There's always a next time for everything in life :)