Sunday, 21 September 2008

Trigger my passion

This weekend I watched Rock on for the fourth time. Yes, I downloaded the music one month before the movie instead of buying the CD as advised at the end of the movie. However, I now think that I have more than compensated for that by watching it four times in expensive multiplexes and gorging on unbelievably overpriced coffees, pop corn and soft drinks.

Every time I watch the movie, it sends me into a downward spiral. As you know this movie is about an investment banker who is really passionate about music and stuff. I know that's not the core story, but that's what is relevant to me. :-)

I keep thinking, 'What is my passion?'

In terms of extra curricular abilities, my mom used to quote Dilbert -
'Don't worry that you do not have any talent. 95% of the people in this world do not have any talent.'

I don't know whether it was actually said by Dilbert, but I sincerely hope it's true. I like the comfort in being in an overwhelming majority. But again, its the minuscule minority that gains maximum attention, like girls in a mechanical engineering course.

The problem that kills me is that I do not seem to have any passion. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Then, I tried to define passion as something you really love to do, to see if that way I can decode something.

After some hard thinking, I realized, I was very passionate about sleeping. I loved to sleep for 10 hours. But that is something like an unaffordable luxury nowadays. Still, a passion for sleeping doesn't lead you anywhere.

Hmm..what else?

I am passionate about potato chips, watching cricket at home sitting in my sofa and eating vadams, listening to music, watching cheap tamil movies and the likes.

Did you observe something? Nothing is productive.

I mean, I do not play cricket, I watch cricket.
I do not play an musical instrument, I just play my Ipod.
I do not cook. I just eat.

What a waste of life!


Nim said...

hey...ur forgetting..u write..n u write good..don't u think writing can also be ur passion??

Motormouth said...

Everybody is "talented".. Talent doesn't strike in your face and say "here I am".. You need a bit of soul searching.. Passion is what you have in you... You watch cricket because you are passiaonate about it, same applies to music, you can appreciate the value of something if you are passionate about it..
Keeping in mind the fact that we are country of armchair critics being critical or discussing issues in detail is a talent in itself.. I think I've answered your question.

Girish said...

I've always maintained life is totally different from a living... watching movies can slowwwly be elevated to an actionable talent da... good that the realization has dawned!

Cheers said...

I have a dream "to have a dream" :p

Gayatri said...

you watched rock on 4 times in theatres? :P

yea, even i got the music waaay before the movie was released.

you know, most of us lead wasteful lives, but we do end up doing something productive at the end of the day. and the question of "what is my passion" will come to you when you are faced with an adversity and you have to make some quick decisions.