Monday, 1 December 2008


Of late, after the terrorist attacks, there has been lot of talk about how the (in)famous 'Mumbai Spirit' has been lost this time and all that jazz. Frankly, it doesn't make any sense. I went to office just like normal.

Yes, I was intrigued by the bullet holes in the glass pane of the announcer's cabin in VT, the bullet marks on the pavement, the broken windowpanes of the Oberoi, the presence of gun wielding, bullet proof (?) jackets wearing policemen in the station, resignation of bar-girl chasing and safari suit wearing home ministers. But it didn't bother me that much, since I had a job to do. I think the same goes with every other Mumbaikar. This is because we simply cannot afford to stop working and stay put at homes, since we are afraid, now that we might be killed in a terrorist attack. Compulsion is called 'spirit' here!

I don't think this terrorist attack is a problem to the 'spirit'. People might be a little scared and scarred, but they know they cannot escape the randomness of terrorist attacks. If you are unlucky that the terrorist chooses your location as a target, then its time to say goodbye to this world!

What probably can, and does hurt the spirit, is the divisive rampages that occur every now and then. In that case, there is no randomness.

You know you will be attacked.

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Nim said...

i think the 'spirit' means the very fact that people even out of compulsion do not hesitate much to go back to work...cuz they hav to...its the attitude and not some wierd inner feeling that makes all the difference..