Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Rubbing it in

I was a bit angry with a couple of people over the weekend. So, yesterday I took it out on the hapless cricket ball, by hurling it as fast as I could, and whacking it as hard as I could. In the process, I forgot that I am neither Brett Lee nor Kevin Pietersen.
Result: I had to miss office today since I pulled a back muscle.

This is what I hate about cricket. You don't feel anything while playing, with the adrenalin flowing all around. But the next day morning, you feel terrible, like a bad hangover after a great party.

So, I called sick and stayed at home. The doctor was surprised with 'cricket' as a reason for my bad back. She gave me an injection on my lower back. Trust me, it is the worst place to get an injection. It feels like the needle is piercing your brain!

After the injection, she gave me her prescription and asked me to come back if the pain persists. Just as when I was about to leave, she said, with a snigger,

'And yeah, NO sex for a week!'

Yeah, right!


Cheers said...

with the waste fellas around, how can u write that last gave whole lot of meaning to ur post ....ha ha ha..
i m luving it

Nim said...

haha..!! seriously..

Girish said...

Good one there :)

Sujith said...

WHO's this doc! I want disease!

Krithika said...

HAHA! Awesome.. Next time use protection!