Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Brother is a friend given by God!

Dear kutti bro Arjun,

Hopefully everything is fine in Mumbai. I had heard that its raining quite a bit there, so hopefully you have time to have a nice chai and batata wada in our balcony. If not, please do that for my sake.

They say you will understand the person’s importance only in his absence. How true! I am just miserable out here. I understood how lucky I was, that you were here during those terrible times. Wonder how I could have handled them myself without your stupid jokes and analogies to tamil movies. When I returned home from the airport after sending you off, I could sense the emptiness in me as well in the house. It was scarily silent. I just wanted to get away from there. I rang up 5-6 of my friends and went to their place since I could not stand the loneliness. I missed you lots!

Though mostly you put up a mature front, you showed you were actually a kid when you received your results. That was the moment when I trembled and realised how much you had changed about yourself just to make me comfortable. I don’t know how to thank you for that da. I know you would say I can thank you by getting you an Ipod Touch. 

Hopefully, everything will be alright and we could play Wii Tennis and watch Vivek comedy and eat Pani puri and fight over the remote control.

Miss you kutti paiyya,

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