Friday, 13 June 2008

Some useless statistics..

These statistics pertain to the last 5 days.

1 - Meal(s) I have in a day
6 - People I talked to, personally
47 - People I talked to, on phone
166 - Emails sent
173 - Emails received (excluding mails which talk about the size of my genitals)
3 - Times I ventured out of my house
12 - Movies seen
28 - Episodes of FRIENDS watched
13 - Cups of tea I drank

bah! I have too much time with me!!!


Yippee! I am going to Brussels and Amsterdam tonight. Hopefully, the weekend will take me 'high'er and get me out of this mental shit I am in right now. I really need some alcohol. Sometimes, it does act like 'Kiwi Dranex', clearing the mess in our system.

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