Friday, 13 June 2008

Spam -a - lot

I was just checking my spam mail box. Boy! What do people think about me?
Got so many different view points, that I am confused as to what to do now.

Somebody wants to sell me fake degrees. Hmm..would help in my job search. Help me get a very stable job. In jail.

Somebody wants to sell me Viagra. Well, on further investigation, 264 people want to sell me Viagra,

Some Brando thinks I am a woman!!!! She is giving me tips on female masturbation. Never knew my name sounded feminine. Krithika? God, no.

One guy wants to pay cash for minor injuries. Dude, I hardly get out of home. Probably that's why he wants to pay me cash and encourage me to get out of this bed and go out and get injured. Po da.

Kathy (Ah, now I know why I was mistook for being a girl. Karthik or Kathy or Katie) thinks I look really stupid. :(
I know I have a bad haircut, have not shaved for a week, have ugly teeth, but still she was rude. This is not a way to tell people on the face.Baahhhhh!!!!

Joe thinks somebody loves me. Ok, I assume Joe is a guy. So he thinks I am Kathy as well. Oh my god! Get me out of here.
Or, is he gay? I was once felt in a late night bus in London and I know how freaked out I was. Stay away from me you idiot. 'Tumhare baap aur bhai nahi hai kya?' :P

Maria, is giving me tips to act longer in bed. I already act very long in bed. I meant I sleep for 12 hours a day on my bed. :P

Somebody save me please.

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Abinaya Surianarayanan said...

and in my spam i saw [Scribbles and graffiti]!!!!